2016 Scion iM: Goodbye box, hello wedge

The game has changed for Scion.  The brand is only 12 years old, but I can’t decide if that’s longer or shorter than it seems.  Things have been a little moribund for a while, as the fancy xB has aged into obsolescence and Kia and others have been winning the hearts of Scion’s target market.  Additionally Scion is now selling to drivers for whom there has always been a Scion brand on the road.

What does all of that have to do with the cars? Well, it means that Scion, long an opponent of catering to expectations, can finally send the xB to the parking lot outside that glowstick rave in the sky.  The box is gone, and it’s replaced by a wedge.  The iM steps in for 2016 as Scion’s anchor vehicle.  A compact five-door, the iM aims to be the do-all of the family.  Continue reading 2016 Scion iM: Goodbye box, hello wedge

2015 Subaru Legacy fears no bad weather

An unseasonably cool summer with a lot of dismal rain seems like the perfect time to meet the new-for-2015 Subaru Legacy.  For starters, the standard all-wheel drive would laugh at anything that Michigan’s summer sky could throw at it.  I figured that with luck, the Legacy’s sunny disposition (and heated seats) would dispel some of the chill as well. Continue reading 2015 Subaru Legacy fears no bad weather