52 Cars in 52 Weeks part 40: 2015 Chrysler 200

There’s something satisfying about seeing the end of a widely-disliked car’s model run. It’s even better when it’s replaced by a much better vehicle. Today‚Äôs little celebration is for the 2015 Chrysler 200. Making the most of its association with Fiat, Chrysler has given the much-unloved 200 (which was a decent-selling but hard-to-respect vehicle even when it was called the Sebring) a complete makeover with European-influenced engineering in an unmistakably American package. Continue reading


Los Angeles Auto Show 2015 highlight reel

I am so glad to be covering the LA Auto Show from the comfort of my home in southeast Michigan. 75 degrees and sunny? Ugh, it’s November, people! I look out my window and see two inches of snow blowing around in the yard on a cloudy 22-degree day, and I’m glad I’m not in California.

Am I being sarcastic? You can ponder that on your own time.
If I’d had the time, though, I would have braved California’s weather for the Los Angeles Auto Show. Continue reading